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Welcome to the V3GROUP® we trust that all the companies that make up our group will serve you our client beyond all your expectations as it is our vision to the undisputed leaders in the industry we serve.

The V3GROUP® story began in March of 2004 when our current director Mr Johnny De Nobrega and current Financial Director Mrs Judy De Nobrega acquired a mature shop fitting and refrigerated cabinet manufacturing business which was established in 1969 taking on a vast amount of well experienced staff and satisfied clientele.

V3GROUP® is made up of the following companies set out below:

V3 Coldcab Logo

Manufacturer and supplier of remote display cabinets to Supermarkets, Cash & Carry, Butchery, Bakery and Fruit & Veg Stores locally and across the African Continent.

V3 Retail Displays

Manufacturer and supplier of Shop-Fitted display units such as check-out counters, shelving, offices, Gondola ends, Fruit & Veg Displays etc. to every retail sector locally and across the African Continent.


The V3GROUP® intends being the leader in all the industries we currently serve in and intend serving in, with our dedicated and passionate team we will strive to always serve our customers with integrity with the aim of always getting it RIGHT, ON TIME and SECURE, Ensuring you our valued client sees value for money with every project and is assured of our commitment to customer sovereignty and satisfaction.

Best wishes

Johnny De Nobrega


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